There are several ways for you to get involved and be a part of what is happening in La Ceiba.


Donate Financially

Your donations allow us to continue to live and work in La Ceiba, help pay for the cost of programs and services for the most needy, and literally build the infrastructure that allows us to serve.

Give Online →

You can click here to give to us personally or go to to begin supporting one of the ongoing projects we are involved in. 


Supporting us Personally - 14633
Medical Operations - 92419
Theological Education/Church Planting - 92418
Bible Institute & Clinic Construction - 92412

Give By Check

Mission To The World
P.O. Box 2589
Suwanee, GA 30024-0982
*include a project # in memo

Donate Resources & Time

Access to resources (books, medicine, Skills & Expertise) is one of the Greatest needs in Northern Honduras.  An important aspect of our work is to create projects and places that give access.

Donate Medicine

Finding quality medicine in La Ceiba is increasingly difficult and expensive.  Contact Renee to learn how to be a part of supplying our clinic pharmacy. 

Advocate at Home

We are always in need of people willing to make connections and share about La Ceiba.  Something as simple as encouraging someone to follow our blog or receive our newsletter.  Perhaps connecting us with someone interested in medical work or theological education.  


Donate Books

You can be a part of building up our Theological Library by sending books via our Amazon Wish List or through the Theological Famine Project of The Gospel Coalition.  Please contact us for shipping information. 

Visit La Ceiba & Serve

Consider being a part of a short-term term or leading one.  You can learn more about the schedule and process here as well as the types of short-term teams we need over the coming year.