Located on the Northern, Caribbean coast of Honduras, La Ceiba is the diverse cultural hub of the region.  


La Ceiba is the 3rd largest city in Honduras and the cultural center of Northern Honduras.  Historically the center of agricultural export, it is currently a post-industrial city most known as the vacation and party hub of the country.  There is a growing eco-tourism industry built upon the surrounding beauty of the Caribbean and mountainous tropical rainforests.  Yet, like most of the major cities, poverty, crime, and lack of resources are still an ever present reality for many residents.

La Ceiba Facts

Population - 300,000 

State - Atlantida

Average Temps - High 85, Low 70

Annual Rainfall - 127 inches

Main Jobs - Agricultural (bananas & pineapple), construction, retail, tourism

Unemployment Rate - 28% 

Honduras Facts

Area - roughly the size of Tennessee 

Population - 8,150,000 Capital - Tegucigalpa

Money - Lempira

Poverty Rate - 60%

Food - the baleada

Government - Democratic republic with two main parties, the Liberal Party and the National Party