Loving the Difficulty

I was recently asked this question: “What do you love most about what you do?”

The thing I love most about what I do is that is it hard.  It seems as if it is this double- edged sword really, a bittersweet love.  Of course there are some days that I throw up my hands in frustration and ask God, “Why…why does it always have to be such a fight?  Why does it have to be so difficult?”  Yet, if I am completely honest, the beauty and true faith is only found in the tears, in the frustrations, in fighting with all you have for someone and knowing that you will still fall short, because the only thing left to fight with is your faith.  Not your own abilities or resources but with pure unadulterated belief in the Sovereignty of God and that He will carry on, when you cannot.

I see this over and over again in multiple different scenarios living and working amongst extreme poverty here in Honduras.  I especially feel this through the strong pull of difficulty in practicing medicine here.  Some of you are familiar with the story of one of my little patients. I have an 8 year-old boy patient that was born with a major heart defect and should have received his complicated heart surgeries when he was a baby. It is really a miracle that he had made it this far.  His parents have been trying for the last 8 years to find someone who would take the time to listen to his case and find a way for him to get the operations he needed.  There are no Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons in the country.  The long story short is I applied to multiple different pediatric heart programs that travel to Honduras a few times a year to do operations, and finally after he was accepted, he was delayed time and time again, there was a 6 month period where we heard nothing at all; it was thought to be a lost cause.  With nothing left to do, we continued to pray, but our hope began to dwindle. And then God broke through and it all came together.  A year and a half later from his first visit with me at the clinic, a year and a half of fighting for this little life, a year and a half of fervent prayers. He was finally able to receive the operations he needed and was just released from the hospital last Friday and is recovering nicely at home!

While he is one story of success in the fight, there are so many others that we are still fighting for, still creatively problem solving, and incessantly praying for. While, we are armed with little here in the way of medical or financial resources.  Yet, we have been blessed by being armed with so many others who have joined in the fight to pray for, to rally, to believe in the difficulty that it is worth the frustrations and the pain.  You start to really believe it in your marrow that God truly is so much bigger than the pain, the hardship, the difficulties we run up against time and time again!  Because also, fighting for someone for something you believe in, not giving up when you are met with one road block after another; not only makes you stronger, but makes the love and hope that Christ delivers through you that much more tangible, real, and strong.  So I want to thank you all for fighting with us, for believing in the hardship, for helping love and hope become tangible!