New Teammates

Raul and Alma Villanueva 

After 18 months of discussions, interviews, and mutual investigations; we are so excited to announce that Raul and Alma Villanueva will be joining Team Mission To the World (MTW) La Ceiba as partners and fellow missionaries in January 2017.  Raul and Alma are a Honduran couple from San Pedro Sula with years of volunteer and professional ministry experience.  Here is a little bit about themselves, in their own words:

About Us:
When God calls a family to serve Him, the family can't go against His will.  Our family was called by God to serve Him and His church and we have obediently been doing so for many years now.  We are a family of five.  Raul is a retired photographer, now a pastor and professor.  Alma has a heart for serving children and women and is currently a teacher.  Our oldest son Rick studies business and math at Bob Jones University in South Carolina; Chris studies international business and finance at Unitec in San Pedro Sula, Honduras; and Jocsan is a senior in high school and is also taking some seminary classes at SEBCAH in Siguatepeque, Honduras.

What's exciting about moving to La Ceiba?
God opened the doors for us to be a part of this team before we even knew about it.  We have talked with the team at Mission to the World (MTW) and believe that we share the same vision for God's ministry.  We believe the training of pastors and leaders through the Bible Institute is crucial for the churches of La Ceiba.  Puerta de la Esperanza (home for teenage moms) touched our hearts as a family just like the rest of the projects MTW has in Honduras.  We believe these projects have a great future and we are excited about growing these ministries for the glory of Christ.  

Raul will be joining our team to work at the Bible Institute.  In addition to teaching, he will also serve as Academic Director leading us in shaping the types of courses we offer through the Institute as well as developing relationships with local churches and leaders.  Having his teaching ability and insight into what is and is not needed will be invaluable. Alma will be taking over leadership as Director of our home for at-risk teenage moms, "Puerta de Esperanza".  She will oversee the staff, operations, and the development of connections between the project and local churches in additional to caring for the teen mothers and children who reside in the house.    

Beyond the obvious skills and wisdom they bring to our team; we are truly excited about their arrival because it is yet another step in shaping a ministry that is bi-cultural.  For us and for our team, it is vital to have Honduran input and insight in leadership both in the short-term and for long-term sustainability.  Though not without differences and change, we look forward to seeing how the addition serves to mold the next steps of our team in La Ceiba.

Please be in prayer for them as they move cities and leave behind a church community they have come to know and love.  Also be in prayer for them and us as a team as we mutually work to develop a support team for them.  Please contact us for more information on how to be involved if you are interested.