When moving from the U.S. to a less developed country, one assumes finding things we are accustomed to will be more difficult.  Often this sense of loss is initially processed through the lens of the more mundane aspects of life.  Things such as food.  Clearly we'll only be able to find one or two types of Cheerios rather than the usual ten.  Obviously good, distinct dining experiences will be tough to come by.  While this does take some adjustment, it is ultimately trivial.  However, where this difference in access does begin to matter is in the basic resources of living and learning and surviving that we often take for granted.  For example, medicine.  In sickness, one can find the medicine one needs.  Some might cost more than others but it is there.  But what if that wasn't the case.  What if pharmacies did not and will not have what you need?  What if the hospital rarely had the right medicine or equipment needed?  Suddenly, life feels different. 

Another way this lack of access has become more obvious here is in the world of education and specifically books.  In an Amazon world it is strange to think of books being hard to come by and yet for most of the world, this is the case.  In La Ceiba, books of any sort, be it for children or adults, fiction or non-fiction are difficult to find and almost always expensive.  Thus, one of our projects here is creating a library and resource center to provide the community access to books and resources.  It is our dream to create opportunity to learn, to grow, to teach, to study through this little collection.  To find out how to be involved in supply books please visit our Get Involved page for links and more info.